We arrange the interior in a modern style.

The modern style in the interiors looks exceptionally elegant. It makes the apartment look aesthetic and pleasant. Simple forms allow you to maintain harmony and clarity. How to arrange an apartment in this style? What accessories to choose and how to arrange the lamps so that the apartment has character, is well-lit and encourages you to stay in it?

The modern design of the apartment fits any interior. It does not matter whether you have a small studio apartment or a spacious, huge apartment at your disposal. In both cases, furniture of this nature and elements of equipment will fit nicely into the space. This style is based primarily on uncomplicated, geometric shapes and minimalist decorations. It is full of bright colours and patterns corresponding to nature – wood, stone, and fabric-like textures. In modern interiors, light plays a huge role, which is to emphasize specific areas of the apartment, and at the same time, be functional and comfortable.

A comfortable, contemporary living room full of light

The sofa is the essential equipment of the living room, around which all daily activities are concentrated. Furniture of a simple shape, upholstered with a material of uniform colour, fits a modern interior – the sofa cover must be easy to clean and durable. It is worth putting a coffee table next to the sofa and an RTV cabinet opposite, which will accommodate the TV and audio equipment.

To comfortably use the living room, you should plan its lighting well. Above the coffee table or in the central part of the ceiling, depending on the size of the room, a ceiling lamp – hanging or plafond – will work. In the living room, it is worth focusing on bold designer forms. A lamp from the Trio Rondo collection in a colour that matches the decor will look perfect. Its modern design combined several matching circles with LED light, creating an attractive and practical addition. In the same series, you can also find standing and floor lamps. Additional lighting in the living room allows you to create a relaxing atmosphere, e.g. while watching a movie or listening to music in the evening.

Modern table lamps

The dining room can be combined with the living room or be in a separate room. In each of these cases, it is an extension of the daily zone, so its design should harmonize with the equipment of other rooms. In the dining room, the main piece of furniture is undoubtedly the table, which looks best in a modern interior made of wood or stone (for example, with metal legs). It is good when the room also has a place to store dishes and cutlery. On such a dresser or display case, it is worth placing personal decorations and a standing lamp, e.g. from the Trio mentioned above Rondo collection – to emphasize the integrity of the living area with its design, adding character to the apartment.

An attractive solution is to use lighting directly above the table. Thanks to it, shared meals will be held in a pleasant atmosphere. The Trio Rondo hanging lamp will perfectly brighten the table, and its delicate, subtle form will not overwhelm the room. It will go great with the Zuma Line light tubes you can mount all over the ceiling if you need more light in your dining room. Tubes in simple, oval frames make a great set with round Trio lamps – you can match them in colour or arrange them more avant-garde by combining white and black.

Kitchen – the kingdom of flavours and smells

The kitchen is the room where a lot happens. Efficient and comfortable meal preparation will be possible if you arrange it considering your daily habits. Remember to use the working triangle, i.e. the proper arrangement of the fridge, hob and sink, and to plan a sufficient number of countertops. No accessories are needed in the kitchen. Its modern look is ensured by custom-made furniture with wooden or varnished fronts, glass or fashionable, natural tiles and a good quality tabletop.

In the working space in the kitchen, light points placed on the ceiling or under the cabinets work well. So-called spots provide enough light to make cooking and baking comfortable and safe. Minimalistic shaped points, e.g. from Nowodvorski, will be the best for lighting the main countertop. More decorative spots in the loft style, resembling spotlights, whose light beam you can direct, place above the bar, kitchen island or near the coffee machine.

Choose a ceiling lamp for spotlighting. Thanks to the universal shape and several colours, the oval lamp from the Italux Giulia series will fit well with the light spots. It is available in two variants – ceiling or hanging lamps. The latter will be perfect for hanging above the kitchen island.

Contemporary bedroom sofa – a play of light and soft fabrics

The bedroom, i.e. a room intended for rest, should be associated with calmness and relaxation. Therefore, arranging it in a modern design can mean something other than excessive minimalism. You can create cosiness by arranging a bedroom using several matching fabrics. Choose those that have hidden, calm colours. If you want to add decorations, opt for two or three elements that match the rest of the room. Choose luxury beds uk and bedside tables so they are functional simultaneously but do not cause the impression of being overwhelmed – they must be manageable about the room size.

The atmosphere of the bedroom is also created by light. And here, a combination of at least two types of lighting will work, i.e. the central ceiling lamp and two smaller ones standing on bedside tables. Among others, you will find such a set in the Azzardo Diana collection – it is a series of stunning lamps decorated with smoked glass shades, bringing a touch of subtle luxury to any bedroom.

Lighting in a modern bathroom

For a bathroom to have a modern character, it is enough to use simple forms – a bathtub or a shower, a washbasin, and finally also a faucet, in geometric, regular shapes. Natural colours of tiles and furniture will complete the decor. Use stone, wood, and glass; the bathroom will look modern and elegant. Do not overdo it with accessories; try hiding most cosmetics and utensils in cabinets.

Lighting in the bathroom has two functions. Of course, it should brighten up the whole room, and additionally. when used near the mirror, it should facilitate daily hygiene and make-up. For the latter purpose, spots with a neutral colour, giving bright, directed light, will work. Flat, square Sanico models with an oval light eyelet will work well. As the main lighting, match them with an eye-catching ceiling lamp, e.g. from the Trio Downey collection. The ceiling, simple in form, also surprises with its design. It combines two different geometric figures, and together with Sanico spots, it creates a well-matched composition that brightens the room. Following the above tips, you can easily arrange an apartment modernly. The interior will be cosy thanks to the lighting and its relaxed climate. Thanks to natural materials, symmetrical shapes and subtle decorations.

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