Muslim-Owned Tech Startups: Innovations and Contributions to the Digital World

As we know that the world is interconnected today and technology plays a vital role to shape the life of every single person. You can see that different sectors have been transformed due to the advancement of technology. These sectors may include education, healthcare, commerce, communication, etc. 

Muslim-owned tech startups are driving this change in the world. These innovative Muslim-owned businesses have made significant contributions to this digital world. All these companies are driven by the principles of their faith. 

In this article, we aim to explore some of the highlighted Muslim-owned tech startups that give importance to innovations. You must know about them to enjoy their benefits. 

Let’s explore them!

Careem: Revolutionizing Ride-Hailing in the Middle East

Mudassir Sheikha, Magnus Olsson, and Abdullah Elyas created Careem in 2012, and it quickly became the dominant ride-hailing platform in the Middle East. Careem transformed how people move around in cities by responding to the region’s demand for secure and dependable transit.

Careem, one of the best Muslim-owned businesses, soon gained popularity and expanded its offerings. Its services include reasonably priced carpooling, delivery, and even payment methods. It is all due to a user-friendly smartphone app. 

Moreover, the global ride-hailing behemoth Uber subsequently became interested in the business due to its success. And, in 2019, it purchased Careem. Empowering E-Commerce in the Arab World

Ronaldo Mouchawar established in 2005, which is now the biggest online marketplace in the Arab world. Mouchawar founded to offer a platform for people and companies to purchase and sell goods online. 

The founder came up with this idea after realizing the region’s untapped potential for e-commerce. Because of the business’s success, Amazon decided to buy it in 2017. It resulted in strengthening its market position even more. 

Moreover, in the Arab East, pioneered the door for a digital retail revolution. Thus, it resulted in empowering both customers and business owners.

Modanisa: Redefining Fashion for the Muslim Community

In 2011, Kerim Türe established Modanisa. It is an online marketplace for clothing that serves the requirements of the Muslim community. Because there were few alternatives for modest yet stylish apparel, Modanisa led the way in the field. 

Furthermore, the marketplace provides a huge selection of fashionable and culturally acceptable apparel, accessories, and cosmetics. Also, Modanisa has developed a global network of fashion-forward people who embrace their religious and cultural identities by fusing fashion and spirituality.

HalalBooking: Revolutionizing Halal Tourism

In 2009, Elnur Seyidli launched HalalBooking which is an online travel firm. It focuses on halal-friendly travel services. HalalBooking offers a complete platform for booking hotels, resorts, and villas. Moreover, it satisfies halal demands since it is aware of the special needs of Muslim travelers. 

Additionally, HalalBooking makes sure that Muslim tourists may have a good time on their vacations without jeopardizing their faith. It offers anything from halal dining options to special spa facilities for ladies. 

Also, the business’ creative strategy has revolutionized the halal tourist sector and given Muslim-owned companies new chances.

Alchemy Global Payment Solutions: Advancing Financial Technology

Usama Ashraf created Alchemy Global Payment Solutions in 2016. It is a fintech firm that specializes in offering cutting-edge payment solutions for companies. Moreover, mobile payment solutions, e-commerce payment gateways, and specialized payment platforms are just a few of the cutting-edge financial technology services that the business provides. 

Additionally, Alchemy’s reliable and effective payment solutions have aided companies in streamlining operations. It also helps in extending their online presence.

Aqeed: Digitizing Insurance Services

Hadi Radwan established Aqeed, a digital insurance platform that seeks to improve and simplify the insurance experience for both people and companies. Aqeed is an online marketplace where consumers may assess and buy insurance plans suited to their particular needs.

Also, they can become aware of the difficulties and inefficiencies in conventional insurance systems. Moreover, Aqeed has revolutionized the insurance sector by offering clients ease, accessibility, and personalized coverage. All these alternatives are provided through user-friendly interfaces and open pricing.

Amal Glass: Advancing Renewable Energy Solutions

Rafi-uddin Shikoh created Amal Glass, a clean energy business that specializes in creating solar panels and other renewable energy options. Amal Glass has created advanced solar technologies that capture the energy from the sun to produce electricity as part of its dedication to sustainability and ecological consciousness. 

Moreover, solar panels manufactured by the firm are used in a variety of industries. However, these industries include residential, business, and industrial settings. The usage of solar panels helps in the shift of the world to clean and sustainable energy sources. 

Furthermore, Amal Glass is leading the way in the renewable energy industry by advancing sustainable practices while also stimulating economic growth and employment creation.


In conclusion, Muslim-owned tech businesses have achieved outstanding progress in the digital sphere by providing ground-breaking solutions. They upend sectors and empower communities. These firms have sparked good change by fusing entrepreneurial zeal with religious ideals.These organizations have also demonstrated enormous potential within the Muslim technopreneur community. In this guide, we provided you with enough information, But, if you want to know more, feel free to visit here to related posts and add more to your knowledge!

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