How Roboarm Thrower Helps Cricket Player Training?

Cricketers spend a great deal of time in training. It may be bowling, batting, or fielding; players must be well-trained in all aspects of cricket. The training involves many aspects, from physical fitness to mental conditioning to net sessions. It even involves using some advanced training equipment.

Roboarm Thrower is one of the equipment that budding cricket players use often. It is a ball-throwing aid that helps practise batting and fielding. The main feature of a roboarm thrower is that it helps throw the ball at a higher speed without the need to alter the natural throw of the player.

But there’s more to this roboarm thrower. Let’s go deep and learn how it helps you train better.

I. Salient Features of Roboarm Thrower

The roboarm thrower is the world’s fastest ball-throwing aid. Its speed ranges approximately from 60 km/hr to 160 km/hr, suiting all age groups. Bowling machines are available, but this thrower helps players ball in shorter distances, which is an altogether distinct skill to practise.

Apart from being the fastest ball thrower, it also offers the below features.

●     Suitable for All Ball Sizes and Weights

The ball holder of the thrower can fit all kinds of balls — Cricket balls, baseball, tennis ball, slaz ball, wiffle ball, etc. Hence, you can train with this aid no matter what stage you are at in your training.

●     Adjustable Ball Holder

Players can also change the direction of the ball holder as per their need for speed. One side allows for ease of use (less resistance), while the other allows more speed (more resistance). Make sure to read the instructions manual to learn the right way to do it.

●     Interchangeable Ball Holder

Roboarm thrower comes in different colours. If you have these in different colours, you can interchange the ball holders. It is not simply for appearance, but this can also help you in the game.

For example, if you use a white holder for a red ball, it aids in the better sighting of the ball. But if the colours are distracting, you can use similar colours, such as a white cup for a white ball. This helps you concentrate better.

●     Nine Throwing Lengths

Depending on your need for speed and the type of ball used, you can change your throwing length and practise with Roboarm thrower. In total, it allows for nine throwing length options.

II. Training with Roboarm Thrower

When introduced to a training tool, the first thought is that they need some time to understand how it works. However, roboarm thrower is different and simple in a good way. Players need no prior practice to throw a ball with it. They can simply get started and will get the hang of it in no time.

This equipment is especially helpful for beginners who cannot afford a bowling machine. Besides, roboarm thrower is the most accurate ball thrower, so it doesn’t seem much different than bowling with your hand.

It is also worth mentioning that players often hurt their shoulders due to repeated bowling. But players can avoid this with the aid of a roboarm thrower. It helps players consistently throw at high speeds without hurting themselves.

III. Benefits of Training with Roboarm Thrower

Cricket training can be done using various equipment, from balance boards to catching cradles. All are meant to enhance the game of a player. But the roboarm thrower takes a special place in all of them.

Why? For all the following reasons:

  • Realistic simulation of fast bowling (compared to conventional bowling machines)
  • Affordable for all players (beginner to professional)
  • Ergonomic grip allows for accurate bowling
  • Lets players practise playing faster balls
  • Helps practice at higher speeds
  • Improves batter’s reaction time
  • Allows for targeted practice
  • Enables solo training also

Also, this hand-held throwing aid can be used by coaches, players, and even parents who just want to help their kids practice.

Overall, it is a device for batters, bowlers, and fielders. It helps players improve their skills, build confidence, and better prepare for the challenges they may face in actual match situations.

Final Thoughts

In closing, roboarm thrower is an excellent aid for all players, pro or otherwise. It is an indispensable tool in modern cricket training. Offering realistic simulation and targeted practice, it benefits both batsmen and bowlers alike.

Batters gain confidence in facing fast bowlers, refining footwork, and enhancing shot selection. For bowlers, it aids in improving bowling actions, developing swing and seam control, and preventing injuries.

So, embracing this technology is crucial for cricketers to hone their skills, elevate performance levels, and be better prepared for the dynamic challenges on the cricket field.

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