Everything You Need to Know About Boletos Parque Guell


Parque Guell is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona, Spain, attracting millions of visitors every year. This park was designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi and is known for its unique and colorful architecture. In order to control the number of visitors and maintain the park’s beauty, the management has implemented a ticketing system called boletos Parque Guell. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about this ticketing system and how to plan your visit to Parque Guell.

Types of Boletos Parque Guell

There are three types of boletos parque Guell available for purchase: general admission, discounted admission, and guided tour. The general admission ticket costs €10 per person and provides access to the park’s main areas and attractions. The discounted admission ticket costs €7.50 per person and is available for children Chronological Age 7-12, seniors over 65, and people with disabilities. The guided tour ticket costs €14.50 per person and includes a guided tour of the park’s most important attractions. It is important to note that all tickets must be purchased in advance, and there are no on-site ticket sales.

How to Purchase Boletos Parque Guell

Boletos Parque Guell can be purchased online through the official website of the park. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance as they often sell out quickly, especially during peak season. When purchasing tickets, visitors will need to select the date and time of their visit. It is important to note that tickets are valid only for the selected date and time, and visitors must arrive at the park within the specified time slot. Visitors who arrive late may not be allowed to enter the park.

Tips for Visiting Parque Guell

In order to make the most of your visit to Parque Guell, it is recommended to arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon, as these are the least crowded times of the day. Visitors should also wear comfortable shoes as the park has many stairs and uneven paths. It is also important to bring plenty of water and sunscreen, especially during the summer months. Finally, visitors should respect the park’s rules and regulations, including not littering, smoking, or touching the park’s artwork.


Boletos Parque Guell is an essential part of planning your visit to this beautiful park. By understanding the different types of tickets available, how to purchase them, and tips for visiting, you can make the most of your time in Parque Guell and enjoy all of its unique attractions. Whether you are interested in architecture, art, or nature, Parque Guell has something for everyone to enjoy.

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