ECLIPSE EMR vs. EpicCare EMR: The Comparison Guide 

EHR platforms have transformed the care norms breaking all the traditional barriers. They work beyond location and access barriers working to shape the patient care delivery process. But as thousands of merchants are out there, how can you tell between them? The simplest answer is to determine your specialty type. Also, you can look into the price range of care platforms. Let’s begin this ECLIPSE EMR vs. EpicCare EMR guide.  


ECLIPSE is a licensed chiropractic and physical therapy solution that has been around for years now. This patent solution enables practitioners to run a luxurious practice and comes in two flavors. It offers ECLIPSE EHR cloud, a subscription-based model that is easily accessible from anywhere, and ECLIPSE®, a state-of-the-art module for PCs and networks. Both flavors are rich in exceptional care functionalities and efficiently serve multi-disciplinary, multi-location practices.  


Being a standalone chiropractic solution, ECLIPSE EMR has repeatedly topped user surveys. The software works with pure elegance and listens to all its clients’ needs. ECLIPSE EMR scores excellent reviews by care professionals as they laud it for its unparalleled specs. Here we will share the crux of the ECLIPSE EMR reviews: 

  • It handles all the facets of businesses, and thus clients can put their trust in its credible services.  
  • The software runs on a zero-in user interface, making it an easy-to-use and reliable solution.  
  • The invested case management functionality of ECLIPSE EMR is praised the most in the reviews. It reduces clinical workload.  
  • Reviews depict that with integrated SOAP notes and embedded clinical templates, this robust solution speeds up patient encounters.  
  • The short learning curve of this robust platform is also a pro, as it helps practices accomplish more with little to no effort.  
  • This solution helps chiropractors to embrace scalability and dream big as it offers scalable tools and services.  


The ECLIPSE EMR has not shared its pricing structure publicly. The clinicians believe that the pricing plans of ECLIPSE EMR charge one-third of what other chiropractic solutions do. It is a highly recommended solution because of its affordability. You should inquire about the current pricing details of ECLIPSE EMR by sending a custom quote to the vendor. It’s the only way you can learn if it is a budget-friendly solution for you or not.  


The ECLIPSE EMR offers an exquisite demo tutorial for all interested practitioners. No long-term contracts or credit card is required for scheduling the demo with ECLIPSE EMR. As for what the ECLIPSE EMR demo packs, it includes fine details of its billing, e-prescription, patient intakes, and many other functionalities. So, you must go with the demonstration tutorial to learn what the vendor packs.  

EpicCare EMR Software: 

EpicCare is a technologically advanced healthcare platform that assures efficiency and productivity in medical practices. This resilient solution works at its best to help providers attain their maximum potential. EpicCare EMR software offers automated data backups and dedicated customer service, ensuring a stress-free clinical environment. Moreover, this HIPAA-compliant solution features many distinct capabilities like bed planning, resource management etc. 

Epic EMR Reviews: 

Now let’s dive into the user testimonials of Epic EMR in this Eclipse EHR vs. Epic EMR guide. The Epic EMR is a top-rated solution that scores 4.5-star reviews on average on the basis of its unparalleled feature range. All the medical professionals are of the view that there is no other vendor like this. Most of the reviews of Epic EMR revolve around its level of innovation and intuitiveness. Here’s what we gathered from the Epic EMR reviews.  

  • It improves the care quality bringing the best out of the medical facilities.  
  • This noteworthy solution provides best-overall analytic capabilities and thus helps practices work at their optimal level.  
  • The reviews portray Epic as an all-rounder EMR that offers exclusive clinical functionalities like in-built health plans etc.  
  • Spanning the continuum of care is a breeze for this realistic clinical platform as it is equipped with tech-savvy clinical solutions.  
  • The EpicCare EMR monitors the revenue stream of care organizations, ensuring positive cash flows and keeping denials and due payments to a minimum.  
  • This meaningful use certified solution enables enterprises to manage patient flow efficiently, enhancing consumer engagement rate.  

Epic EMR Pricing 

The pricing structure of Epic EMR is not listed publicly. But as per our analysis, Epic EMR offers enterprise-grade pricing bundles. It is not a solution for small or medium-sized practices. The price range of this practical solution starts from $500 per month, costing as much as $1200 per month per provider. So, if you plan on going with Epic EMR, ensure you can afford its pricing bundles. Implementing it at the expense of your revenue is not a reasonable option.  

Epic EMR Demo: 

Epic EMR works at the next level; you can learn about it by exploring its demo. In its demo, the Epic EMR software has highlighted all its classic functionalities that make up for its name. For instance, while going through the demo, you will get to explore its patient flow management module, which is rarely found in other vendors. There’s more to assess, so don’t miss out on the demo of Epic EMR. 

The Conclusion: 

It’s time to pack up this ECLIPSE EMR vs. EpicCare EMR guide. EpicCare EMR may be a multi-disciplinary solution, but it doesn’t suit the needs of all care practices. As for ECLIPSE EMR, this credible software works only for chiropractors. This is the only thing that matters in deciding between these solutions. All large-grade multi-specialty care organizations that can afford Epic without breaking their banks must go with it. But, if you are a chiropractor, the latter is your ultimate resort as it is cost-effective and rich in features.  

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