Why Is DRM security essential for OTT Platform?

The OTT industry is booming rapidly. As we witness an increase in demand, there is an increase in the number of new OTT solutions in the market. Currently, there are around 200 major OTT video platform in the world. The numbers are higher in the regional markets. The OTT market is projected to expand and reach a global user base of 4,216 million users by 2027.

With an increase in the number of users, OTT platform owners must have stringent security measures in place. This is to protect the data of the customers and the video content provided on their OTT platform. Digital Rights Management (DRM) protects video content. Let’s discuss it in detail.

5 Important Reasons to ensure security in OTT Platform

It is the responsibility of every business owner to ensure all the measures for security are in place for their business online. This is to protect the physical and digital assets of the business, and the database of its customers online. Users must be protected throughout their lifecycle also on your OTT platform. Let’s discuss the five important reasons to secure the OTT video platform below.

Encrypt data

Encrypt the link between the web browser of your user also and your web server using an SSL certificate. Now a days internet users are aware of the importance of the lock icon on their web browsers that indicate if the website they are using is protected by SSL. This makes it a mandate to have a valid SSL certificate for the web version of your best OTT software.

SSL certificate encrypts all the data hosted, saved, and streamed on the OTT platform. This includes the video content, also customer data (personal, billing and payment information), user analytics, and any other information that is stored and generated on the OTT solution.

7-layer firewall security

As a business owner, you must secure ott content delivery at all times. This begins with securing the servers and also protecting the IP Packet level up to the Application level. Incorporate multiple levels of the firewall to protect all the seven layers of Open System Interconnection. It is critical to protect all levels of servers and applications to prevent cyber threats.

You can also go one step further and ensure that your OTT platform provider regularly conducts security audits and also penetration testing to monitor the security of your OTT platform. This is to test and make sure that you are protected and protected against security attacks all the time.

Implement multiple DRM formats

When you build an OTT platform you must have multi-DRM in place to ensure also the security of your business’s digital assets. Multi-DRM security protects the video content on your OTT platform from unauthenticated and unauthorized access. This protects your video content when it is streamed on any device – laptop, desktop, smartphone, smart devices, tablet, and through web browsers and also mobile applications. The content is protected while it is streamed online, rented, and downloaded.

  1. Forensic watermarking 

DRM in the OTT platform protects video content by employing also an invisible watermark that can track unauthorized usage of the video content on your OTT platform. This includes re-encoding, filtering, cropping, and piracy.

  1. Prevention from recording screen

Protect your videos from being screen-recorded by your users. DRM protects the videos on your OTT platform. So, if anyone tries to screen record any of the videos, the screen will appear black.

  1. Security during offline streaming

License keys and unique keys protect your video content when your user downloads the videos from your OTT platform. Security does not end online, but it continues through the lifecycle of your products and services.

  1. Security during storage

Video content remains secure while it is stored on any server and streamed through multiple content delivery networks (CDN) across the world.

   Detecting VPN usage and geo-restriction

As an OTT business owner, you cater to specific geographic locations. This is to comply with all the norms of the land where you offer your OTT services. OTT DRM solution restricts access if anyone tries to play specific videos or access your OTT platform from locations that are not within your target market. It also protects your platform if any user utilizes VPN to access your OTT content from a location where you have denied access.

PCI PSS Standards

PCI protects the credit card information of users on the internet. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is mandatory for business owners on the Internet. It is to ensure secure storage, transmission, and processing of credit/debit card information of users on the OTT platform.

Final words

Security is a moral, social, and professional responsibility of every business owner on the internet. As an OTT solution business owner, you must ensure the utmost security for your business. It will not only keep your business and customers safe but also build trust amongst your target audience. This in turn will increase your user base drastically and you can easily reach your business goals.

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