A Closer Look at PCM Career Options

Where do people go after finishing high school? What are the most promising fields for those with a PCM diploma? After finishing 12th grade PCM, what should I study? The pcm career options of Science in High School: What Next? What should I do to find a well-paying career after high school? 

Such questions often frighten students. 

With thousands of professional courses at your disposal, making a decision about your future job and how to get there can be more challenging than ever. A PCM career options (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) will open up many doors for you in the job market, though. 

Best PCM Majors for Post-High School Employment

It’s common knowledge that those with a 12th pcm career options have access to a wealth of employment possibilities. However, few people actually know what the most in-demand jobs are, let alone which ones have the best long-term prospects for success financially and professionally. 

So, to help you out, I have compiled a list of the most popular and sought-after occupations of the present day.

1. Digital Marketing 

How interested are you in social media? If so, you might want to consider a career in digital marketing. After finishing high school with a PCM emphasis, this is a viable career option.

Marketers in the digital sphere aid companies in expanding their online visibility. This includes tasks such as monitoring key performance indicators, conducting search engine optimisation and paid advertising, creating online marketing plans, overseeing social media, researching the competition, etc. They’re trying to increase their lead generation and customer conversion rates.

Experts in digital marketing often work in groups. Being able to think beyond the box is crucial in this field since you will be helping with the company’s branding and graphic design. In a similar vein, you will analyse your company’s performance in relation to the competition using a wide range of technical tools and data.

Career opportunities in digital marketing are expanding rapidly, and graduates of the 12th pcm career options can take advantage of this by working as online researchers, data analysts, SEm experts, SEO professionals, etc. 

Ability to:

  1. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  2. Search engine marketing (SEM)
  3. Content marketing 
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Branding 
  6. Video marketing, etc.

What kind of salary can you anticipate?

Starting out, you can expect a salary of around Rs. 3.5 LPA. An annual income of Rs. 4 LPA is typical, but with the right mix of education and experience, you may see that number rise to Rs. 8–12 LPA. 

As a digital marketer, your income depends heavily on your skill and knowledge. Digital marketers, for instance, can increase their salary by 50% if they have strong marketing communications skills. Experts in social media optimisation, for example, might earn up to 30% more than their ad analysis-savvy counterparts.

You need to take a course in digital marketing if you want to work in this field. For instance, InsideAIML offers a Digital Marketing course powered by AI. It’s the only DM programme in India that focuses on using methods from Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to develop and oversee promotional initiatives.  

2. Technology based on machine learning

Machine learning is a relatively new field of technology. Its rising popularity can be attributed to the fact that it helps organisations develop autonomous, learning solutions. Everyday uses of machine learning include facial recognition, autocorrect, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s product recommendations. 

These systems are developed by engineers with expertise in machine learning. Machine learning engineers focus on three main areas: research, development, and deployment of automated artificial intelligence systems. Those in the fields of data science, engineering, analysis, and administration are regular collaborators. By analysing different data sets, they can also develop models to improve their implementation. 

It’s possible that they have worked for a long time developing machine learning models and putting them to use in fixing problems. Machine learning engineers can be found in a wide range of industries, from software and transportation to manufacturing and even the arts.

Given the growth of the industry and the increasing demand for qualified machine learning professionals, this is an excellent pcm career options path to consider. 

Debunking a Myth To become a machine learning engineer, you don’t have to go to college for four years. It is possible to acquire a degree in machine learning engineering in as little as six months to a year by taking a series of courses. 

Investment firms, stores, airlines, and even wedding planners are adopting machine learning systems to improve customer service. This has led to an increase in demand for engineers with expertise in machine learning. 

The widespread adoption of AI in this industry in India has resulted in the creation of many new positions. Machine learning is a recommended career path if you’re seeking for a PCM job with a salary that meets your expectations. 

Machine learning engineers are in high demand in India for the following reasons.

  1. makes it less likely that a person will make a blunder. 
  2. eases the burden on staff and makes them less indispensable. 
  3. boosts technicians’ productivity, which facilitates the shift from traditional data interpretation methods to machine learning at a variety of companies. 
  4. lets cloud specialists discover abnormalities in real-time data, speeding up analysis.

What kind of salary can you anticipate?

The average salary for a new employee is around Rs. 7 LPA. For a new hire, the highest possible yearly compensation is Rs. 12 LPA.

Earning potential is increased by 92% for those who are experts in Apache Spark for machine learning. As an added bonus, those with knowledge of Amazon Web Services can expect to earn 40% more than average. Abilities like deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing are also welcome.

A guide to a career as a Machine Learning Engineer.

To succeed in the field of machine learning engineering, you need to have a deep understanding of AI, machine learning algorithms, and their various practical applications. The most sensible plan of action is to take some classes on machine learning.

InsideAIML’s six-month machine learning certification course comes complete with job placement aid and an IBM credential. 

3. Engineering Software 

The field of software engineering has long ranked among India’s most lucrative and in-demand occupations. Software engineers are responsible for developing features in accordance with the software design. They collaborate with designers to create apps that answer consumers’ problems or make work easier. 

Together with programmers, they document the app’s many functions. The need for this role will remain high as more companies adopt digital and technological strategies.

Frequently, it is up to them to develop new software, apps, and online services. Virtual solutions help businesses prosper. Smart programmers can also write codes to address issues. 


After achieving the major milestone of graduating from high school, knowing your next steps is crucial to making informed decisions about your future. The following is a list of high-paying courses and potential careers. 

You should follow your passions and aspirations when deciding on a career. Discover the careers that will allow you to put your passions to use. It will help you make better choices.

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